Where do we fly?

We can fly anywhere and can land at small dirt strips and large international airports.

We mostly fly in the Territory, North Western Australia and Northern Queensland


How many passengers can you carry?

We can carry up to 7 passengers in our Piper Navajo, and up to 5 in our single engine aircraft.

If you have more than 7 passengers ask us for a quote using multiple aircraft.


What is the maximum load each aircraft can carry?

Up to 650kg in our Navajo, and 300 to 500kg in our single engine aircraft

These figures are also dependent on destination and weather conditions on the day


How long before a flight do I need to check in?

15 minutes with minimum baggage

30 minute with maximum freight – we remove seats to cater for bulky equipment


Do we accept dangerous goods?

Yes with prior notice.


Are we on NT Government panel of charter operators?



Is Territory Air Services a family owned company operated in the Territory?



Are we available for flights on the weekend?

Yes we fly everyday except Christmas Day.


NB – all our planes have trackers installed so are visible at all times on our computers.

We can inform clients with accurate ETA’s from our office at all times

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